Regardless of my inactive activity 

thank you so much for following me. To my new followers, I’ll try to do my best ^.^ but, I’m currently extremely busy with my last year of high school so please bear with me :) I’m also running 3 other blogs, 1 of which is kind of inactive like this T_T but,

thank you, you will see me on your dashboards much more frequent soon! I promise! 

If anything, I’m currently more active on my BTS (Bangtan Boys/kpop) blog and personal blog, so follow if you’re interested and tell me in my message box you came here and I’ll be uber uber extremely happy because that means I still have friends on this blog haha. Love you all!

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Falcon & J

make me choose : Bloody Monday vs Death Note

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(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻

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Sakumiya <3

sr; twi

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There will be two winners, one decided by the poll and one handpicked by me!

Why would you want to be my botm?

  • you’ll get promoted to 39k+ followers
  • I will follow you back, if I am not following you already
  • you’ll have a link to your blog in my sidebar the whole month
  • I will…
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Nino don’t give no shits.

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Happy mugenday! ∞

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NiigataStreetPhoto#7 by sabetcho on Flickr.

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How members dance Chankapana vs. How Koyama dance Chankapana

Koyama have his own style.

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reaction to Shige eating kare udon sloppily

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when you're about to cry, just remember:
no matter what I'll be there.
I'll always be near.
KAT-TUN Queen of Pirates Concert - 喜びの歌

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By SamAlive


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1ポンドの福音 i love this drama for all the wrong reasons

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